Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Meditate | Attract wealth w/the POWER your mind


Warm and Furry Meditations now is out into the world for a PRE-Launch. These Guided Meditations will not only give you meditations,

but teach you HOW to meditate at a deeper level of consciousness, where

you'll be able to align

all the chakras, heal the body, get into a deep state and get yourself

into the MANIFESTATION ZONE. This will help you attract wealth in ALL

areas of your life. Spirtually, Mentally, Physically, Relationally, and

Financially.   You get a FREE meditation to try out before you are able to access ALL the meditations. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

CHAKRA Boosters!! Why you NEED THEM! Day 10/79

Hi my friends,

Here is a post about Chakra boosters. These temporary tattoos are supposed to give ALL your chakras energy and clearing. This will in tune help a person manifest at HYPER speeds.

Here you go enjoy!

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How to use the LAW OF ATTRACTION to manifest your DREAM HOME! Day 9/79

Hi my friends,

Here is a home that I wish to have. Its not really my home. I simply borrowed a friends home that I really liked and just did my OWN version of MTV


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